204 MHz AIMA-series quad SC/APC return path receiver

Item code: 34225000
Model Number: RRAS-Q-S20

  • Bandwidth 5 ~ 204 MHz to meet EuroDOCSIS and DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 frequency band requirements
  • RF output 48 dBmV at -6 dBm optical input and OMI of 6%
  • Wide band receiver (1260~1620nm) to suit CWDM and DWDM applications
  • Allows up to 64 receivers (4×16 Modules) in only 4 RU of space
  • User-selectable MGC or AGC

The Technetix AIMA3000 RRAS series Analog Return Receiver – Standard is designed for multi-services operators to increase networkreturn capacities for the ever-growing demand for bandwidth, while minimizing physical headend space and power usage. With the optional embedded Full Band Capture (FBC) module, it enables the operator to capture and monitor the return path spectrum helping the operator to quickly find and locate the upstream noise and the related upstream signal levels. Next to above mentioned online management and controlling capabilities the can also be conveniently monitored and controlled through a computer directly connected to one of the Ethernet ports of the ASMM module.

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