Using the Technetix flexi-split solution, the up- and downstream frequency split in networks can be adjusted without replacing or changing your flexi-split amplifiers. This, because the amplifier lacks diplex filters, a new paradigm shift!

  • New paradigm shift; no more diplex filters
  • Full flexible frequency split
  • More bandwidth; no crossover area
  • Future proof; ESD, FDx and DOCSIS 4.0 ready

To prevent an amplifier for oscillation, the up- and downstream path of an amplifier may not see each other; it needs a good isolation. In a traditional approach, the up-and downstream path of an amplifier is isolated by using diplex filters.

In the new approach, flexi-split is a new building block to isolate the up- and downstream path without filters. In practice, one amplifier can handle all up- and downstream frequency splits between 54 MHz and 684 MHz, without adjusting or replacing the amplifier.

The new DNA amplifier of Technetix is the first ever amplifier that can handle flexi-split technology. The DNA is a 20dB booster amplifier, which is suitable for Distributed Gain Architecture (DGA). The DNA is an 1800 MHz amplifier and ESD, FDx, and DOCSIS 4.0 ready, thus future proof.

New possibilities in the CATV network arise because the DNA lacks diplex filters e.g.:

  • Future proof and sustainable; as soon as the amplifier is placed in the network, it never has to be updated, adjusted, or replaced when a frequency split is necessary.
  • The up- and downstream split can be adjusted in real-time, depending on the current demand.
  • There is no crossover area anymore, so optimal use of the frequency spectrum.

If you would like to discuss all possibilities of the flexi-split technology, please contact us.