Maximize OLT port utilization with HDOSS

As fiber access operators expand the rollout of high-speed networks, high performance and maximizing return on investment are essential for all fiber PON access systems, especially 10G PON, 25G PON and 50G PON. Technetix has launched a High-Density Optical Splitter System, the HDOSS-32, to maximize optical network performance and simplify installation and maintenance of mass-scale PON deployment, particularly in high-density urban FTTH/P scenarios.


High speed PON (10G and above) provides ample capacity for high split ratios to service residential and small office/home office (SOHO) customers. Many network operators design PON access for a 1:32 or 1:64 split ratio and with customer penetrations of 10 – 30%, a higher split ratio is viable during the initial service rollout. The HDOSS-32 provides a first stage of split that can be collocated with the PON OLT. It’s a compact and highly flexible splitter solution that can easily be adapted as customer connections and bandwidth demand grow, enabling a simple transition to lower split ratios. For an initial PON access build, a 1:64 split ratio can be deployed, with a first stage of 1:2 split right next to the OLT. As demand grows, the splitter can be removed and for each of the 32 homes passed, the fiber branches are connected to a dedicated OLT port.


The HDOSS-32 is the ideal companion for high port count OLTs of 16 to 256 ports, the OLT ports and accompanying optical transceivers are expensive parts when amortized across only a few customers. The HDOSS-32 enables each OLT port to be utilized efficiently and aligned to customer connections and bandwidth growth, ensuring maximum return on the PON OLT investment.

The HDOSS supports 32 cassettes in a 1.5 U high 19” rack mount chassis, with each cassette capable of supporting a two 1:2 or one 1:4 PLC splitter, the cassettes can be added one at a time as required. The HDOSS-32 is ideal for PON FTTP applications and can be collocated with OLTs, providing a first stage of optical split close to the OLT. At 200mm deep, the HDOSS-32 can be deployed in nearly all street cabinets. For XGS-PON OLT builds, the HDOSS-32 allows network operators to maximize the 10G OLT port utilization during the early stages of an FTTH/P rollout and provides an easy migration path for reducing the optical split ratio as subscriber connections grow and bandwidth demand increases.

The HDOSS-32 splitter cassettes include a pre-terminated pigtail of up to 2.5 meters in length for direct connection to the PON OLT. Both SC and LC premium low-loss connectors are available and the HDOSS splitter cassette design includes fiber management for up to 50% of the fiber tail length to be spooled onboard the cassette. The innovative HDOSS cassette design reduces loss through fewer connectors and perfectly optimizes the fiber run to each OLT port simplifying the installation.