2-way 1.2 GHz OTMXU with bypass switch

Item code: PP0142
Model Number: OTMXU-2-xxM

  • Hum and noise meets ANSI/SCTE 16 2001
  • RF and power bypass capability
  • Compatible with existing Motorola taps
  • Robust outdoor powder coated housing
  • Available in faceplate only replacements

The Technetix OTMX-U series of Motorola compatible** outdoor taps now offers a complete line in outdoor tap passives. All OTMX-U 2-way outdoor taps are mechanically identical in shape, with tap values between 4 and 26 dB . All taps feature sealed female F-ports for drop cable connection on the faceplate and 5/8 inch-24 NEF-female ports for input and output cable connection on the housing. As an option these taps can accept field configurable plugin modules which provide increased flexibility in system design. It is possible to use cable equalizers, return path attenuators, and cable simulators in order to fine-tune return path performance. The housing has an AC-RF bypass switch as standard, allowing faceplates to be changed without loss of power or RF through the tap housing. The faceplates are compatible** with other Motorola hardware. Taps may be strand mounted through the clamp at the back of the housing, or can be surface mounted with an optional bracket. Also, both the housing and connector design and material selection combine to provide first class leading corrosion resistance.

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