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Faceplate-only swaps, ‘business as usual’ 1.8 GHz upgrades

The XFO series 1.8 GHz upgrade faceplate represents an exciting technological breakthrough by Technetix. DOCSIS 4.0 roadmaps come in many variations; but when it comes to deploying passive components such as multitaps, 1.8 GHz capability is crucial to undertake the move to DOCSIS 4.0.

The market’s future need for delivering high-speed and low-latency services to end customers over the HFC network looks to Extended Spectrum DOCSIS which allows the use of the spectrum up to 1.8 GHz. This facilitates downstream speeds of over 10 Gbps while supporting upstream frequencies to run to 684 MHz, and speeds of over 6 Gbps – all while using the existing fiber and cable (HFC) infrastructure.

XFO is an ideal solution. Fully compatible with third-party legacy housing the XFO has an advanced electro-mechanical design that enables the connection of legacy in/out screw contacts. Its faceplate-only technology eliminates the existing issues experienced by operators from impactful effects on the network that full resplicing demands – such as cutting hardline cables and temporary RF and coaxial power shutdowns.

Enabling a ‘business as usual’ upgrade process, thanks to XFO’s backward compatibility innovation, faceplate-only deployments drastically reduces upgrade times compared to full reinstallation, saves on materials and truck rolls, and mitigates the skill level and labor costs required of installers. With its exceptional RF performance, and potential savings up to 70% compared to full 1.8 GHz multitap installation, the XFO series is the obvious choice for operators looking to upgrade.