Attenuators FC, SC, LC and ST

Item code: PP0004
Model Number: ATT-FCSCLCST

  • Accurate attenuation
  • Ultra low back reflection
  • Broad wavelength band
  • Flat response over a wavelength range
  • Environmentally stable

Singlemode and multimode attenuators are used in communication systems to reduce the optical power launched onto the photo detector. These high performance devices are designed to give accurate attenuation over a wide range of wavelengths. The plug-in configuration allows them to be used directly on the end of a patchcord, which in turn can insert directly into an adaptor. Available in FC, SC, LC (short form factor) and ST connector styles with PC or APC finish, our attenuators provide ultra-low return loss and are available from 1 dB to 30 dB.

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