65 MHz 4 dB XC-series inline return path equaliser

Item code: 19002992
Model Number: XC-EQ1-4

  • Frequency range from 5 MHz to 65 MHz
  • CPD Safe® – NiSN plated tubular brass housing, connectors, F-male pin and F-female tulip spring
  • Exceeds IEC Class A screening requirements
  • Superior return loss specification
  • F-female tulip spring accepts 0.56 mm to 1.15mm test gauges

The XC-EQ series consists of five return path equalisers which operate over the 5 MHz to 65 MHz frequency range. Offering varying levels of slope adjustment, rising in steps of 1 dB from 1dB through to 5 dB, their return loss performance remains high across the frequency range.

IEC Class A screening

  • The shielding performance of the XC-EQ series exceeds Class A requirements (IEC 60728-2 2010) over the whole frequency range from 5 MHz to 1006 MHz.

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