4-way 1.4 GHz 8 dB Terminated Tilted Multitap

Item code: 19011822
Model Number: TMT-1400-4-8T

  • Frequency range 1.4 GHz
  • Graduated tap losses ranging from 6.5 dB to 10.0 dB
  • Tilted outputs for cable drop loss compensation
  • Brass connectors with tin nickel plating
  • Microstrip coupling for high port to port isolation

The TMT-1400-4-xx has been developed based on microstrip
technology. This type of multitap combines flat frequency
responses at the subscriber’s wall outlet with equal return path
attenuation at each port.

The typical frequency characteristic of the TMT-1400-4-xx,
IE: the higher the frequency the lower the tap loss, is the
opposite of that of the coaxial drop cable. Therefore this 1.4
GHz tilted multitap compensates for the coaxial drop cable
losses, resulting in a very good flatness (in combination
with an untilted distribution amplifier). Due to the innovative
design of this product utilising microstrip couplers there is
no passive intermodulation.

The return path attenuation of the TMT-1400-4-xx offers equal
values for all ports. This is very important as conventional
multitaps have different losses so return path levels differ
depending on tap value.

The TMT-1400-4-xx has a cast aluminium housing with a
special passivation layer and high quality paint coating to
protect against corrosion. The backplate is also made of cast
aluminium and is sealed to protect against moisture ingress.

The F connectors are made of brass – to prevent cold flow –
with a tin nickel plating to prevent CPD and are spaced 22 mm
apart for optimum usability.

The TMT-1400-4-xx can be mounted with front or down facing
ports to give the most flexible installation. And is perfect for
limited space deployments such as small cabinets and MDU
service ducts.

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