2-way headend panel mounting through connection

Item code: 19001947
Model Number: HE-FF-FF

  • Designed for panel mounting in headend applications (such as HPP-xxF panels)
  • Operational temperature range from -25°C to 70°C
  • Low loss and high return loss performance
  • EN Class A screening effectiveness
  • Machined brass press-in F-connectors

The HE-FF-FF feedthrough unit has been developed specifically for panel mounting in headend applications, where there is a requirement for high quality RF splitters and combiners. It provides a versatile option for supporting many different headend solutions.

The connector spacing on the HE-FF-FF is suitable for use with the Technetix HPP-xxF series of 19 1RU, 1.5RU, 2RU and 3RU mounting panels.


  • Tough, easy to install housing. Tin-Nickel plated housing
  • Machined brass, Tin-Nickel plated press-in connectors
  • Beryllium copper, Tin-Nickel plated F-connector inner spring designed for connecting coaxial cables with an inner conductor of 0.51mm to 1.30mm – it retains this elasticity, providing effective clamping force even when varying thicknesses of inner conductor are connected in successsion.
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