1 GHz AIMA-series RF AB switching module

Item code: 34601001
Model Number: RFSW-1G

  • Forward-path version (5 MHz to 1000 MHz) suits CENELEC and NTSC up to 127 channels (both analogue and digital)
  • High reliability, compact design
  • Operates in AUTO or MANUAL mode
  • Operator defined adjustable thresholds for both inputs with the maximum and minimum signal parameters
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring

The RF A/B Protection Switch (RFSW) is designed to plug into the latest generation Advanced Intelligent Multi-services Access platform – the AIMA3000. Providing reliable radio signal stability, the RFSW is an RF-based switching device designed for automatic or manual switching of radio signals. It maintains the RF output in the event of a loss or degraded signal of one of the two signals connected to its inputs. Engineered for high-isolation, the impedance-matched RF switch relay, is controlled by microcontroller-based logic circuits. This intelligent microcontroller manages the switch based on the detection of RF input signal levels. In addition, the switch can operate based on user-defined minimum and maximum RF threshold levels. The RFSW switching module provides self-monitoring and communicates with the ASMM (AIMA3000 System Management Module) within the AIMA3000 chassis.

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