1.8 GHz XG-series Directional Coupler 16 dB

Item code: 19013836
Model Number: XGDC1800-16

  • Full range of 1.8 GHz outdoor passives
  • DOCSIS 4.0 compatible and backwards compatible with legacy frequency ranges
  • Patented no-screw connector design providing superior RF performance, eliminating CPD and is four times faster to install
  • 15A line power passing and able to withstand 20A peaks
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions

DOCSIS 4.0 extended spectrum (ESD) architecture requires
line taps and passives capable of passing signals up to 1.8
GHz. The XGxx range of products is designed to offer optimal
performance up to 1.8 GHz and facilitate the power distribution
over the coaxial cables.

The product line consists of Technetix housing style outdoor
passives including splitters, directional couplers and a power
inserter, all providing 6kV surge protection on all ports and
excellent RF and HUM modulation performance.

The passives can be strand mounted through the clamp at the
back of the housing or surface mounted with a bracket. Tested
under extreme environmental conditions, the passives are
designed to operate near salt water, along busy highways and
in very hot conditions.

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