Portable LiFePO4 3600 Wh/100 Ah 36 VDC Broadband Battery Generator (LBBG-3600)

Green, clean, safe and silent, our powerful, portable broadband battery generator that acts as an additional external energy-dense 36 VDC 100 Ah (3840 Wh) standby power source. Rapidly deployable, portable and weather resistant, our broadband battery generator is ideal for use with any standby power supply configuration to extend plant run-time in critical scenarios. Uses an advanced battery management system and offers 3840 Wh of stored energy.

  • Zero to full charge in three hours via optional AC rapid charger, or from an MPPT charge controller
  • Parallel connection port allows for up to four batteries to be used together for a substantial 15.3 kWh of additional standby power energy storage
  • Pelican™-style hard shell wheel case with three fixed and one retractable handle
  • Can be discharged down to 90% of its capacity as usable energy