Portable LiFePO4 830 Wh/1000 W 120 VAC Generator (LBACG-830)

A clean and sustainable option in place of small portable gas generators without compromising power or performance. This innovative design uses a high-capacity battery and a high-efficiency AC inverter to silently produce clean, regulated 120 VAC, 60 Hz sine wave power. A small, lightweight, and rugged power pack for the job site and remote locations, ideal for powering tools, fiber optic splicers, test equipment, laptops, and phone chargers. Safe lithium chemistry without cobalt and explosive hazards.

  • Dimensions and weight (11kg/ 24lbs) similar to carry-on bag for portability
  • Keeps essential equipment silently powered during a power outage with 120 V outputs from 1 to over 100 hours (depending on load)
  • Charge from zero to full battery in just four hours via the AC charger
  • 830 Wh of energy storage and a 1 kW power output