36 VDC, 100 Ah LiFePO4 Broadband Standby Battery (LBLIFEPO4-36V100AH)

The next generation lithium iron phosphate broadband battery for standby powering applications. Fits on a single outside plant cabinet battery shelf, replacing three 12 VDC lead acid VRLA batteries connected in a series to create a 36 VDC string. Provides clean and sustainable standby power to an HFC network power supply, while offering premium performance.

  • Extremely high energy density with up to 90% DoD
  • ANSI/CAN/UL 1973 and CE certified
  • 100% recyclable, containing no lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt or rare earth metals to pollute groundwater
  • 10x Longer lifespan than VRLA, 3x longer lifespan than NMC