Image of LBLIFE P0412V 100AH

12 VDC, 100 Ah LiFeP04 Broadband Standby Battery (LBLIFEP04-12V100AH)

A high density lithium iron phosphate broadband battery for standby powering applications. An ultra high capacity battery offers premium performance for clean and sustainable powering for HFC network standby power supply. Extreme high energy density with up to 90% DoD provides longer run-times and improved network reliability with little to no maintenance.

  • Advanced BMS with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 100% recyclable, containing no lead, mercury, cadmium, cobalt or rare earth metals to pollute ground water
  • No harmful acidic gases and explosive hydrogen present with lead-acid batteries
  • 4x faster charge time compared to VRLA, and minimal effect on battery lifespan from high discharge rates
  • No float charging required: reduces operational energy use