FTB max for mass deployment in residential units – terminates 168 fibers in a compact design.

Easy wall mounting and access protection are essential, with the fiber termination box (FTB) Max, the installation effort has been significantly reduced. This well considered solution provides a long service life and maximum investment protection. The FTB Max is able to fit into different FTTH topologies and due to its flexibility can accommodate splitter, patch and splice options. It terminates 168 fibers in a compact design, 24 fibers are spliced directly in the basis, the remainder in cassettes. Alternatively, the MAX can be used as a pure splice distribution box.

  • 168x crimp splice holder
  • 4x holder for PLC-splitter
  • 2x 12 couplings in fold-out holder (48x LC)
  • 4x flexible, divisible sealing sets for 2 – 10 mm Ø
  • Snapping and removable cover