DBT-1800-C1 Line Extender 1.8 GHz smart amplifier

DBT-1800-C1 Line Extender 1.8 GHz smart amplifier is backward compatible with legacy SA/GainMaker® amplifiers. State of the art design and features provide MSOs with a seamless upgrade to 1.8GHz while maintaining old legacy levels.  With more than 10 years’ proven software control capabilities,  the time taken to upgrade the network can be reduced by 80%. Using the amplifier’s birth certificate, MSOs will be able to register, setup, trace and document the network while performing the upgrade.  The platform is fully supported by NeuronX™ (AI Empowered Networks).


  • DOCSIS® 4.0 (1794 MHz/684 MHz) ready, SCTE 279 2022 standard compliant
  • Full electronic smart control and setup using Technetix unified software tools
  • Agile AGC/ALSC functionality
  • Auto-alignment
  • Device-agnostic remote control and monitoring 
  • Field pluggable diplex filters for future bandwidth upgrade
  • Supports existing legacy levels  
  • Reduction of power consumption up to 30% compared to legacy