XGT taps

The XGT range includes a new 1.8 GHz modular multitap designed to extend your outdoor plant to 10G now and to be ready for 25G in the future.

  • DOCSIS 4.0 ready with 1.8 GHz faceplates and coupler modules (CM) as standard
  • Back boxes are DOCSIS 4.1 ready with outstanding performance up to 3 GHz.
  • Modular approach leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with conventional taps due to significant savings in inventory management.
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11.8 GHz faceplate can be replaced without breaking the power or RF signals down the line
2Signal conditioning plug-in
3Placeholder for coupler module (for screwless maintenance)
43 GHz backbox for future upgrades
5Special screwless connector design for high quality 3 GHz performance eliminating CPD
6No make before break switch that prevents AC interruption and a possible RPD reboot
71.8 GHz coupler module to set the tap value (out of 9 possible options)

XGT 3 GHz connector – Faster, Better, Easier

  • 75% faster to install than conventional IN and OUT connectors of multitaps
  • Eliminates human error such as over-torque or under-torque
  • CPD is greatly reduced due to larger contact area on the inner conductor
  • Screwless connector accessible from the side and bottom of the tap

Inventory savings

The coupler module concept means that the directional coupler is a separate component from the faceplate and they can be combined to achieve the required tap value, eliminating 60% to 80% of tap SKUs, easing inventory management and reducing working capital. The operational supply chain from central warehouses and distribution hubs through to technician’s trucks will benefit from this inventory reduction.

Coupler modulewith 2-way faceplate (dB)with 4-way faceplate (dB)with 8-way faceplate (dB)