Faceplate-only field upgrade to 1.8 GHz for original Motorola housing

The XFO series is a 1.8 GHz upgrade faceplate for legacy-style multitaps, such as Motorola, Regal, or Scientific Atlanta. A straightforward faceplate-only swap negates the need for temporary RF and power shutdowns on coaxial lines, sustaining connectivity during upgrade without impacting online services.

The ability to use the pre-existing housing speeds up the installation process and reduces the required skill level, labor and truck roll to execute deployment. This significantly reduces operator costs and resource allocation.

XFO’s advanced electro-mechanical matching design enables the reliable connection of old in/out screw contacts with the XFO faceplate resulting in a flat in/out response and acceptable return loss levels on official housings.

While the XFO Motorola range has exceptional RF performance to 1.8 GHz, it is compatible with originally manufactured Motorola housing with and without bypass switches, and third party Motorola housings without bypass switches.

Benefits of this product:

  • One faceplate compatible with all original legacy Motorola housing
  • Supports the option to use signal conditioning plug-ins
  • Reduces customer churn and network downtime during 1.8 GHz upgrades by ensuring RF continuity down the coaxial line
  • 60% faster to install since fitted housing is reused
  • 70% cost saving for operators: eliminates need to replace housing, hardline connectors and heat shrinking, compared to a full installation of a 1.8 GHz multitap
  • Less knowledge and experience required of technicians to execute 1.8 GHz upgrades