Core series 1.8 GHz

The Core series 1.8 GHz is the best-in-class range of future proof splitters and taps from Technetix.

Key features:

1. Class A++ ECM performance (>105 dB at 1 GHz)

Offers great protection against ingress caused by ever-increasing 4G/5G signals.

2. Intermodulation performance of -115 dBc after 1 kV surge on all ports

Interference from upstream signals into the downstream signals is an increasing problem when moving up to higher band splits. The Core series has the best intermodulation performance after surge available in the market.

3. White bronze plating

White bronze plating (rather than tin-nickel) is much better for soldering the back lids, which is key for great EMC performance. In addition, white bronze does not have color degradation on zinc.

4. Superior F-connector

Features a 1.8 GHz connector design with highly improved retention force to improve long-term performance and reduce truck rolls.

  • After cycling inner pins (0.7 – 1.2 – 0.7 – 1.2 – 0.7 mm) the 0.7 pin withdrawal force is >115 grams
  • Inner contact BeCu silver plated
  • Accepting male inner conductors with 0.64 – 1.30 mm diameter

5. Modem SafeTM

Modem Safe offers highly effective surge protection against both high and low voltage pulses on all ports. Protects your CPE equipment against voltage pulses coming from the access network and protects the access network against pulses coming from the home. Modem Safe stops internal ferrites becoming magnetized preventing the problem of passive intermodulation products (PIM). This technology prevents expensive truck rolls to troubleshoot problems with in-home networks.


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