HDMI cables

The final link. Delivering the perfect picture.

  • Supports the latest 4K UHD, ARC, 3D technology
  • Certified v1.4, v2.0 or v2.1 performance guaranteed
  • Customizable specification & design for bespoke solutions

Your RF signals have been delivered to the home perfectly and been decoded by the set-top box – now they need to reach the television in the same state. The appropriate HDMI cable is, of course, the best way to do this but often gets forgotten, with 4K screens now being the norm and a huge rise in the availability of true 4K content, HDR material and high resolution audio formats a standard HDMI cable cannot always cope.

Picture perfection – guaranteed

Technetix HDMI cables are manufactured using carefully selected materials and assembled to meet the full requirements of the latest generation of hardware. They comply fully with the standards laid down by the HDMI Licensing Administrator (HDMI.org). We only use approved connector vendors and our manufacturing facilities are official adopters of the HDMI.org development program. Our cables go through a rigorous QC process during assembly and are fully tested before shipping.

HDMI cables are available in 3 main categories as defined by HDMI.org:

  • High Speed: Recommended for up to 1080p signals
  • Premium High Speed: Perfect for all 4K resolution capable hardware
  • Ultra High Speed: Essential for 8K and 10K extreme resolution gaming

Our cables can support all the latest technologies including Deep Color, 3D, ARC and Ethernet Channel can be specified to suit any application perfectly. We have many customization options regarding lengths, colors, head types, cable diameters and packaging options. We can even mold custom logos and designs into plug heads to provide a bespoke product for your requirements guaranteeing that the cable is matched perfectly to the hardware.

If you need a special slimline cable with premium performance or just a conventional 2-metre HDMI cable, then Technetix can provide the solution. Retail ready packaging options range from simple hanging tags to foil printed boxes and are all optional add-ons to your product.

Get in touch and ensure your customers get the performance they deserve – guaranteed!

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