Flexible panel solution

Build, box, bolt – the all-in-one Technetix solution.

Technetix is able to offer a fully-personalized, one-stop solution for flexible patch panels.

  • Can be used for any scenario in the headend that involves splitting or combining signals
  • Custom-designed faceplate sticker, with clear labelling for easy organisation and recognition of connector functions
  • Purely passive solution – no additional power requirements, no messy cables to hide and no placement restrictions
  • Standard Phillips-head screw fittings for easy installation and ongoing maintenance.

Simply let us know what your splitting and combining needs are and we’ll provide you with a personalized panel solution suited to your exact requirements.

Technetix is able to offer a fully-personalised, one-stop solution for flexible patch panels.

Standardized: modular design, simple to install, maintain and upgrade as your network’s splitting and combining requirements develop. 1, 2 and 3 RU panels available.

Personalized: equipment that meets your specific network requirements, easy to use, flexible, functional and attractive. Custom-designed faceplate sticker with your branding available.

Optimized: uses high-quality passive splitters and directional couplers that can be mounted both vertically and horizontally onto a durable backplate.

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