100-Series 1.8 GHz Hardline Passives

Technetix 100-series hardline passives deliver reliable DOCSIS® 4.0 frequencies to 1.8 GHz today, with the newly designed housing ready to accept 3 GHz field upgrades in the future.

MSOs benefit from low insertion losses and superior electrical and mechanical performance, which increase network reliability and service quality to their demanding customers.

The 100-series hardline passives are available in configurations that include splitters, directional couplers (DCs), and a power inserter. These 2-way, AC power passing, outdoor hardened devices are 6 kV surge protected and 15 PSI pressure tested. The enclosure is a polyurethane coated, aluminum alloy housing, complete with stainless steel hardware. These hardline passives use a hinged lid for non-disruptive service and configuration. They are standards-compliant line passives with high current power coils and shorting bars for power grid configurations to block or pass power. Technetix’ 100-series hardline passives is also available in 1.2 GHz.