12-way 1.2 GHz Brilliantline-series tap with Test Point

Item code: 19007119
Model Number: XQDX-TP-11-12

  • Ultra high quality headend and cabinet grade 1-way tap
  • Excellent intermodulation performance by ferrite (1.2/50µs surge)
  • CPD Safe™ – Tin-Nickel housing and F-inner spring plating
  • Operational temperature range from -25°C to +70°C
  • Isolated mounting facility with cable underpass

BrilliantLine™ products offer a complete line of high frequency splitters and taps that have been developed for high volume applications within the local loop. The products are tested under extreme conditions, components in a local loop may be required to operate near salt water, along busy highways and in either very hot or cold ambient temperatures. Therefore these products are tested for Salt Spray, Vibration, Damp Heat and Operational Temperature ranges from -25°C to +70°C. The BrilliantLine™ employs specially developed magnesium/ferrite materials so that insertion and return losses are minimal.

The XQD range is a special series of taps developed and added to the BrilliantLine™ series in order to ensure maximum CPD protection. The housings of these models are made of zinc die-cast finished with a Tin-Nickel (nickel-tin) plating and have specially designed F-connectors. These press-in F-connectors fit perfectly in their housings by means of double-D holes, ensuring that torque-and cantilever forces far exceed appropriate standards. For an even better RF performance and CPD reduction, the press-in connectors are directly soldered to the PCB and made of brass covered with a Tin-Nickel plating. This also offers optimum anti-corrosion resistance and screening effectiveness. Conventional connectors made of zinc can suffer from cold flow, resulting in loose connectors. Laboratory and field tests with brass connectors show that this cold flow effect is reduced close to zero using the much harder brass material. The F-inner spring of this product series is made of beryllium copper which provides exceptional resilience/contact pressure over a wide range of test gauges (0.51-1.30 mm).

All BrilliantLine™ models are designed for easy installation, even thicker connectors or filters can be mounted due to the ABS-brackets. The bracket isolates the unit from the mounting surface, not only preventing galvanic isolation corrosion caused by earth loops, but also hum modulation. Additionally the bracket offers the possibility to underpass (multi-taps excluded) a coaxial cable for compact and neat installation. If smaller outer dimensions are required, the bracket can be removed by hand or with a small tool. Furthermore, all models have double grounding screws/facilities for easy linking and the multi-taps can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

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