SuperTap® Hardened Connector Feed & Drop Cables for Multiport & Flexible Service Terminals (LB-FD)

Pre-terminated OSP cables for easy FTTx installation. Its hardened single fiber drop cable assembly provides rapid connection to external flush-mounted bulkhead adapters on industry-standard legacy OSP terminals or closures. The 5.0mm LSZH round fiber cable option is available with a universal interchangeable connector, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Cables come with three adapter types: a standard SC/APC adapter, a Corning® OptiTap® style, and Huawei® Fiber Access Terminal-style.

  • Available with one or both ends connectorized; hybrid connector type options
  • PE flat or LSZH round cable option
  • Integral pulling eye/
  • connector cap designed for 100lb maximum pulling tension
  • Designed for aerial, direct-buried or duct installation