t-box field configuration solution

Easy amplifier configuration

The Technetix DBx amplifier platform performs excellently but like all amplifiers, set up and configuration is required. The location of amplifiers can vary from cabinet-to-pole and the traditional laptop connection methods are often difficult. This is especially true in the case of adverse weather or poor lighting conditions. The t-box field configuration tool was designed to overcome these issues.

  • Compliant with the entire DBx range of amplifiers, nodes and Remote PHY devices
  • Operated using any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Excellent Wi-Fi range for configuring strand-mounted equipment
  • Built-in battery provides enough power for a full day of installation work
  • Deploy configurations quickly and easily with backups and templates

Got DBx? - Get t-box

t-box allows operators to quickly deploy and configure Technetix DBx products in the field.

t-box is the perfect complement to the Technetix DBx range. It’s a lightweight, small, rugged and rechargeable Wi-Fi enabled configuration unit. It allows anyone with any type of smartphone, tablet or laptop to connect and configure DBx nodes and amplifiers through a touch optimized web application.

The t-box connects to any DBx control module via a USB connection. Once powered on, it starts to broadcast its own secure Wi-Fi SSID. You then only need to enter the credentials on the product label to log on to the t-box web app using any device to configure Technetix nodes and amplifiers.

Our configuration wizard, templating and backup features ensure that you can always deploy modifications and new configurations to amplifiers and nodes within minutes of opening the cabinet. When strand or pole mounted, the Wi-Fi range of the t-box allows you to configure the DBx from the comfort of your vehicle.


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