12 VDC 0.75A Level VI CPE power supply

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Item Code: 19008773
Model Number: PSU-C9 ELEV6
Unit Code: EA
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Technetix has been supplying reliable power supply units and power cords to MSOs around the world for more than 10 years. Following strict design and manufacturing processes, our products are produced with the prevention of early-life failures firmly in mind. We study each OEM power supply so we can offer not only a like-for-like product, but an uprated product with better specifications. By introducing universal solutions that are compatible with set-top boxes and cable modems from multiple manufacturers, we can consolidate the number of power supplies you currently use. This alone can reduce unit costs and bring further efficiencies such as fewer installation faults. All new Technetix power supplies meet Energy Star Level VI requirements. They are designed and manufactured using strict processes that are closely monitored to ensure consistent, high quality products:

  • Engineering verification testing (EVT)
  • Design quality assurance (DQA)
  • Manufacturing verification testing (MVT)

Meeting the appropriate international standards for emissions and immunity, all Technetix power supplies are certified to operate within safety compliance boundaries for UL standards. Our overall aim is to provide a power supply that will prevent early life failures and offer better performance and reliability over its longer lifetime. Technetix recognizes the importance of the US Department of Energy’s energy conservation standards that currently apply to certain external power supplies. In satisfying the requirements of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, Technetix PSUs already comply with the new and amended standards established for external power supplies as from February 10, 2016.

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Power inserter
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