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Modular DBx fiber and RF access platform


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Technetix has developed a field upgradeable optical/RF amplifier platform for the Access network, enabling operators to meet the growing demand for high-capacity applications. With the DBx platform, MSOs can switch to DOCSIS 3.1 standards today and gradually replace legacy vendor equipment as standards or requirements change.



RLA++ jumper cables


Class A Flyleads

To ensure adequate protection from LTE/4G devices in the home, high levels of screening are required.

To meet this requirement, Technetix has developed a comprehensive range of RLA++ jumper cables incorporating Technetix F-Safe and IEC Safe connectors. The range has been designed to provide optimal performance in a home environment.

Technetix RLA++ jumper cables were awarded a Best CPE solution at the SCTE 2014 Technological Innovation Awards.



Flexible headend panel solution


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A reliable headend is the key to providing an effective network service; however many operators install an in-house solution when setting up or modifying their splitting and combining configurations. This can make system maintenance confusing and may even impact network performance.

Technetix has pioneered a headend solution that allows splitters and taps to be placed easily into any number of configurations for maximum flexibility.

We offer a customized, one-stop solution for standardized, flexible panels. Simply clarify your splitting and combining needs, and we provide a panel solution to meet your requirements.



Repair, maintenance and upgrade service


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Control your capital expenditure while improving network performance with our repair and upgrade service.

Technetix offers a comprehensive repair, maintenance and upgrade service for a wide range of our own in- and out-of-warranty products, and we offer the same service for other manufacturers’ out of warranty products.

We can also analyze recurring faults and help you solve and prevent them. Our upgrade services cover lasers, bandwidth, gain, potentiometers, diplex filters and more.