TRISX-2003 datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our new TRISX-2003 dual output isolator.

The TRISX series comprises fully isolated system outlets developed to meet the needs of the European market. It incorporates high voltage capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the outer conductors of the coaxial connectors.

There is a range of one, two and three port isolators in the TRISX series, as well as many accessories such as ABS housings, adaptor plates and push-on filters. It offers a compact design complete with housing.

Excellent A+ performance, with high isolation figures featuring both our patented Technetix Modem Safe™ technology to protect against surge in the home, as well as Technetix CPD Safe™ for long term reliability.

Designed for indoor use, rated up to 1.2GHz and DOCSIS 3.1 ready.

TRISX-2003 is available now and the product datasheet can be found via the link below.

Please contact for more information.