The best jumper cables for in the home

Our challenge was to develop a jumper cable and connectors that provide optimal performance in the home environment with extreme screening effectiveness (>130 dBi) over the whole cable frequency range.

To ensure adequate protection from LTE/4G and other services interfering to cable signal within the home, high screening effectiveness is required. To meet this requirement, Technetix has developed a jumper cable with straight and right-angled connectors. The Technetix jumper cables are using uniquely designed F-safe connectors. These connectors utilize special springs to ease the installation and secure a screening effective connection over time. Another advantage of the springs is that cold flow is no longer an issue making the jumpers unique solution for in the home. Technetix pays close attention to detail in all aspects of development, from specification of the materials, construction and performance characteristics. This thorough approach enhances the end user experience, from the ease of installation to the long-life expectancy of the product. The precise dimensions used, combined with the outstanding resilience of the connectors and inner pins, delivers a very reliable connection. The connectors are tightly secured, and have molded ends to ensure enhanced pull strength and strain relief.

The cables’ inner conductors are soldered to their inner pins to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical performance. Technetix jumper cables exhibit low insertion loss, high return loss and very high screening effectiveness over the whole frequency range.

The new right angled connector is more convenient to use, especially where the connection point is difficult to access when a television (TV) is fitted to the wall, for example. Many people prefer to fit a TV to the wall in their homes, but this comes with challenges. The new right-angled jumper is designed to eliminate a bend in the cable to make a connection, reducing the risk of EMC interference caused by exceeding the recommended minimum bend radius. The TV is just one example where this product is beneficial, these benefits can apply to all equipment.


  • No risk of deformation or destruction of the cable due to exceeding the minimum bend radius
  • No risk of deformation or breaking the connection port
  • Simple/easy access in tight spaces
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • No cold flow
  • Extreme high screening effectiveness (>130dBi) over the whole cable frequency range
  • Perfect connection for many years