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Sandy Howe named EVP and President, Americas, Technetix Inc

Technetix is delighted to announce the appointment of Sandy Howe as Executive Vice President and President, Americas, reporting to Chief Executive and Founder, Paul Broadhurst. In this role, Howe is responsible for all functions for the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, including sales, customer service, product management, finance, HR and operations. In addition, she partners with the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer to develop product strategies specific to the Americas market.

Sandy is also a member of the Core Executive team to help drive global strategic plans. “Sandy Howe is a customer advocate. As a company, we partner with our customers for their success and with Sandy’s experience in building strong customer relationships, as well as her technical expertise and business acumen, she is the leader that will bring our teams together to deliver results.” said Paul Broadhurst, CEO, Technetix. “Being able to attract top talent such as Sandy speaks to our company’s commitment to serve our customers in the Americas and to ensure best-in-class leadership.” With almost 25 years’ experience in the global telecommunications, video and media technology markets, Howe began her career as a sales engineer and quickly moved to leadership roles in sales, strategic market development and global marketing at companies such as ARRIS and Cisco.

Most recently, she was SVP and General Manager for the Consumer Products Group at ARRIS. “I joined Technetix because of the leadership, the expertise of the team and the possibilities I saw in the organization with their advanced technologies. Today’s cable network operators face two major challenges: speed and capacity. Technetix has the technical solutions and well established expertise devoted to partnering with customers to overcome these challenges. I am convinced that our US operation can become the trusted advisor and partner of choice in the Americas region, emulating the way we work in Europe with leading operators such as Liberty Global.” said Sandy Howe, EVP/President, Americas.

Deploy remote PHY today with Technetix

Technetix, leading global broadband cable and telecommunications equipment provider, will be showcasing their award winning DBx Remote PHY node solution at ANGA COM 2018, which has been developed incorporating Harmonic Inc's Pebble-1 Remote PHY device (RPD). This RPD is compatible with the Harmonic CableOS™ Virtual CMTS and many other industry core CMTS systems. Optionally also powered by Virtual Segmentation™, this solution allows operators to deploy Remote PHY even faster than using traditional fibre uplinks.

The DBx range comprises an innovative crossover design, it is a field upgradeable modular platform that enables a flexible configuration, allowing hybrid mixtures of RF or optical links for gradual migration from amplifier to fibre deep node to Remote PHY.

Technetix has now over 500,000 of the very successful DBx units embedded in broadband networks globally, all of which can be upgraded to have a Remote PHY device immediately - it is simply a case of adding to the modular platform.

The Technetix RPD solution is the most power efficient RPD node in the market. The complete solution with a dual high-level output RPD device (DBD-1200-RPD) consumes less than 50W. This, combined with Virtual Segmentation™, makes Remote PHY deployment possible in the simplest and most cost-effective way. Multiple successful field trials are currently underway across Europe.

The Technetix DBx platform with Remote PHY node is best-in-class differentiating itself in the market in several fundamental ways. Jan Ariesen, Chief Technology Officer of Technetix, says "Our modular platform works seamlessly with other vendor’s equipment. Technetix develops solutions capable for today and for the future. I am delighted that we have been able to work with Harmonic, a partner who shares these same principles."

Part of the groundbreaking Harmonic CableOS virtualised cable access solution, the CableOS Pebble-1 Remote PHY device supports full-spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 specifications with superior performance at high output power. Ian Graham, Senior Vice President of Sales, EMEA and LATAM, at Harmonic says, "This combined solution unlocks the potential of Remote PHY for operators, cost-effectively enabling higher data capacities and faster multi-gigabit services".

Harmonic and Technetix invites you to see and discuss this leading solution for Remote PHY at ANGA COM on 12th June 2018 yourself in Hall 7, booth E41.

Technetix is a winner twice over!

The SCTETM (Society for Broadband Professionals) confirmed the winners of its prestigious 2018 Technological Innovation awards at its Gala Annual Awards Dinner on 2 June 2018 in London. The competition honours innovative products, systems and concepts in the broadband industry. Out of the three award categories, Technetix is delighted to have won in two of the product categories, while being shortlisted in the third.

The Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution was the winner in the Best Digital Processing Solution category. This technology provides extra capacity on existing coaxial cable to feed a Remote PHY device without deploying fibre to the new segmentation site. Fibre deep, node split, or distributed architectures can be used to segment networks into smaller service groups. Fibre is often utilised but driving it deeper into the network means waiting longer for civic permits and higher costs - Virtual Segmentation solves this. This technology is currently being trialled by major European broadband operators.

Technetix was also awarded the Best CPE Solution for the EZ-Amp range of auto-adaptive band split amplifiers. The EZ-Amp features automatically switchable diplex filters that enable a ‘no touch’ upstream upgrade in the home. When upgrading legacy 65/85 MHz products to 204/258 MHz products today, Technetix enables users to prepare the home install to auto switch the upstream needed for DOCSIS 3.1. Every EZ-Amp eliminates the truck roll needed to upgrade the band-split for DOCSIS 3.1.

“I am delighted that the innovations developed and brought to the market by Technetix have been recognised by the industry,” said Paul Broadhurst, Chief Executive Officer, Technetix Group Ltd. “they both mitigate capex and are industry game changers which we look forward to introducing to a wider audience in the coming months.”

Technetix will showcase both the Virtual SegmentationTM solution and the EZ-Amp at ANGA this year, along with their shortlisted DBx with Remote PHY platform. This solution retro fits to the very successful modular DBx platform, extensively installed in the field giving the most compact, lowest power Remote PHY node in the industry. Visit our stand in Hall 7, E41 to find out more.

Technetix announces new Americas CTO

Technetix Americas is delighted to announce the appointment of Hernan Cadiz as Chief Technology Officer, Americas. Hernan brings over twenty years expertise in engineering in the telecommunications sector to Technetix Inc. He is looking forward to driving strategy for the next generation of products in the entire Americas region and building on the market leading solutions already developed by the CTO team at Technetix.

Hernan was previously Vice-President of CALA/EMEA Sales and Business Development at Concurrent. He has also held senior positions at Sumitomo Electric, ARRIS, Ericsson and Nortel Networks. Hernan has extensive experience in developing solutions for IMS, DOCSIS, EPON, HFC, Routing and Video Content Delivery.

TRISX-2003 datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our new TRISX-2003 dual output isolator. The TRISX series comprises fully isolated system outlets developed to meet the needs of the European market. It incorporates high voltage capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the outer conductors of the coaxial connectors.

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TRISZ-DG300 datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our new TRISZ-DG300 Isolator; our first fully isolated 2GHz capable inline isolator. This TRISZ is developed to meet the needs of the European market. It incorporates high voltage capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the outer conductors of the coaxial connectors.

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FTTH Armoured Patchcord datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our Armoured Patchcords, which address the needs of in-home fibre networks. HDMI, Ethernet cables, and flyleads are common features in the home. Unlike these copper based cables, traditional glass fibre patchcords require special handling considerations. Skilled engineers, who are used to the sensitive properties inherent in fibre optics, typically carry out fibre installations. However, with the advent of fibre moving into the home environment, there is greater risk of damaging fibre cables with everyday hazards such as pets, children, and vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, this could reduce the product lifetime while increasing operational costs for the Operator.

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The best jumper cables for in the home

Our challenge was to develop a jumper cable and connectors that provide optimal performance in the home environment with extreme screening effectiveness (>130 dBi) over the whole cable frequency range. To ensure adequate protection from LTE/4G and other services interfering to cable signal within the home, high screening effectiveness is required. To meet this requirement, Technetix has developed a jumper cable with straight and right-angled connectors. The Technetix jumper cables are using uniquely designed F-safe connectors. These connectors utilize special springs to ease the installation and secure a screening effective connection over time. Another advantage of the springs is that cold flow is no longer an issue making the jumpers unique solution for in the home.

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Remote PHY seminar

"MSOs are gearing up to take remote PHY from field trials and small-scale rollouts this year to deployment at scale in 2018. Our Fall Technical Forum seminar has been structured to provide the essential information that operator and technology supplier workforce members require to accelerate industry-wide availability of R-PHY." -Chris Bastian, senior vice president, engineering, and CTO of the SCTE/ISBE

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