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Come and see us to find out why Technetix is a winner

Technetix has a long history of innovation and working in partnership with major cable operators. We will be showcasing our very latest technologies and products at Expo 2018 including: 

  • The Technetix DBx platform, an innovative crossover design, which is field upgradeable solution from amplifier to node to Remote PHY. This is the solution to deliver 10 Gbps downstream.
  • 1.2 GHz taps & passives, future-proof solutions for DOCSIS 3.1
  • How to go fiber deep without fiber using our Virtual SegmentationTM  technology
  • Telewire Supply range of products

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Technetix wins ‘Innovation and Breakthrough’ Award at the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2018

Technetix was delighted to receive the ‘Innovation and Breakthrough Award’ at the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2018. This award was presented for the Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution, a combined award with Liberty Global. Technetix worked closely with the engineering teams at Liberty Global to develop the solution for the German market. Virtual Segmentation greatly reduces time and CAPEX investment when deploying Remote PHY.

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Deploy remote PHY today with Technetix

Technetix, leading global broadband cable and telecommunications equipment provider, will be showcasing their award winning DBx Remote PHY node solution at ANGA COM 2018, which has been developed incorporating Harmonic Inc's Pebble-1 Remote PHY device (RPD). This RPD is compatible with the Harmonic CableOS™ Virtual CMTS and many other industry core CMTS systems. Optionally also powered by Virtual Segmentation™, this solution allows operators to deploy Remote PHY even faster than using traditional fibre uplinks.

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Technetix is a winner twice over!

The SCTETM (Society for Broadband Professionals) confirmed the winners of its prestigious 2018 Technological Innovation awards at its Gala Annual Awards Dinner on 2 June 2018 in London. The competition honours innovative products, systems and concepts in the broadband industry. Out of the three award categories, Technetix is delighted to have won in two of the product categories, while being shortlisted in the third.

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Technetix announces new Americas CTO

Technetix Americas is delighted to announce the appointment of Hernan Cadiz as Chief Technology Officer, Americas. Hernan brings over twenty years expertise in engineering in the telecommunications sector to Technetix Inc. He is looking forward to driving strategy for the next generation of products in the entire Americas region and building on the market leading solutions already developed by the CTO team at Technetix.

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TRISX-2003 datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our new TRISX-2003 dual output isolator. The TRISX series comprises fully isolated system outlets developed to meet the needs of the European market. It incorporates high voltage capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the outer conductors of the coaxial connectors.

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