FTTH Armoured Patchcord datasheets now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our Armoured Patchcords, which address the needs of in-home fibre networks.

HDMI, Ethernet cables, and flyleads are common features in the home. Unlike these copper based cables, traditional glass fibre patchcords require special handling considerations. Skilled engineers, who are used to the sensitive properties inherent in fibre optics, typically carry out fibre installations. However, with the advent of fibre moving into the home environment, there is greater risk of damaging fibre cables with everyday hazards such as pets, children, and vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, this could reduce the product lifetime while increasing operational costs for the Operator.

Our armoured patchcords have excellent mechanical properties; extremely high crush resistance, increased pulling force and critically, a kink proof design. Designed to improve product lifetime and de-skill the installation process. Available in all standard connector types, cable lengths, fibre type, and cable colours. Optical performance is good, and fully compatible with standard fibre patchcords.

Datasheets are available from the website now.

Samples will be available in 3-4 weeks, on order now. Please contact for more information.