FierceTelecom Blitz Week - Access Network Evolution: What's Next?

Join Jan Ariesen, CTO, Technetix, 2:00 pm ET

Access Network Evolution: What's Next?

Perhaps the most valuable asset owned by the telcos and cablecos is their last-mile connection to homes and businesses. In fact, the big cloud providers are partnering with service providers to gain access to those homes and businesses. But these access connections rely on a variety of technologies, some of which are very complicated and asymmetric. Based on conversations at Cable-Tec Expo, operators are forging ahead with DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0. But are telcos and cablecos also making headway by rolling out fiber in the last mile? What’s the status of PON technologies in all its various flavors? Which operators are pursuing distributed access architectures (DAA)? And how does virtualization play in the access network?